Team-building activities

We offer activities for team-building! Spend a nice day – or several – with your company or team in the Finnish Lakeland. Recreational activities for companies can be arranged with ease by using our pre-packaged experiences for businesses.

Accommodation and meeting services are agreed when creating a suitable package for your needs. Salpauselkä’s excellent location enables quick and easy transfer to the accommodation and fishing sites. If necessary, participants will be picked up from the Lahti train station or from another agreed location. Your experience in fishing or suitable clothing and equipment are not important, everything essential is taken care of by us.

Here are a few team-building activity packages that are suitable for larger groups as well:

  • Fishing competition: The fishing competition between your work community is a very popular package. The competition can easily be organized with the help of our several boats. Of course, the competition can also be organized for a smaller group.
  • Cooperation – package: Fishing doesn’t have to be competitive. The catch caught together can later be prepared for the group as a delicious meal. Among the activities of our accommodation services, you can find plenty of different services and activities that improve team spirit.
  • The whole package: Each package is always customized according to the customer’s wishes. A multi-day package can consist of several different types of fishing, different accommodations options and several different activities. Almost everything is possible thanks to our wide range of possibilities and excellent services.