Jig fishing trips

The main catch species on our jig fishing trips are perch and pikeperch. Jigging can be done successfully throughout the open water season and the excursion is suitable for both small and larger groups.

Jig fishing trips can be arranged successfully throughout the open water season. With modern techniques and equipment, we can adapt the jig’s swimming to the current water temperature and conditions. Intermediate water or surface jigging can also be done with the help of a fishing float. Traditional jig fishing still gives most of the catch, but for special conditions it is good to master e.g. vertical jigging, micro jigging, drop-shot, Carolina, and other specialties.

Our fishing boats and rafts take you quickly but safely to the jigging areas around Lake Päijänne and Lake Vesijärvi. State-of-the-art electronics reveal the underwater world – “You can swim, but you can’t hide.”

The electric bow motor uses satellite positioning to keep the vessel at anchor or runs with remote control as desired.

The trip is suitable for both small and larger groups.

We are also happy to book your accommodation, sauna facilities, meals and other activities in addition to your jig fishing trip.


  • The fishing guide picks up the group at the agreed place of departure.
  • Moving to the fishing destination
  • Jig fishing with guidance, catches can also be landed and fish handling can be taught
  • Let’s enjoy nature and learn the secrets of jig fishing.
  • By agreement, lunch break by an island campfire, order a lunch package from us.
  • Duration of the whole trip: 4-6 hours
  • Price from € 495 €/1-4 persons
  • The price includes a fishing guide, a fishing boat with fuel and the necessary jig fishing equipment, as well as life jackets.